Innovate with us

Innovate with us



The MC2 Innovations team consists of professionals whose combined knowledge, experience and energy allows them to provide IT services at the highest level. For years, we have been executing complex projects and implementations in both the private and public sectors, including the Ministry of Digitization and MC2 Solutions, and earlier, each of us gained experience and managed IT projects in various sectors of the economy.

Our competence is confirmed by the list of clients, consisting of both Polish and international companies, as well as the Digital Excellence Award granted to our management team in 2017 for the digital transformation of the year. In recent months, we have conducted project implementations in the sectors such as media and entertainment, finance and banking, as well as health care. Our goal is to be a sustainable innovation leader and to achieve breakthrough change.


What do we do?

Solutions delivery

Software construction and maintenance. Organization and management of PMOs, multi-area project management.

Audits and advisory services

Selection of methodologies and technologies. Analysis of needs, concepts of IT solutions, audits.

Training & education

Training in Blockchain, AI, Big Data and UML.

Providing qualified IT personnel

Professionals from all IT sector specialties.



Digital transformation

Carrying out the digital transformation of a company or its business processes is a complex process, requiring the involvement of a team with extended resources of specialized knowledge. The Mc2 Innovations team consists of professionals with experience in digital transformation in the most advanced and complex organizations and systems.

New technologies

By using most innovative technologies, our strategies support building a company's market advantage and prepare it for potential challenges. The priority for us are solutions with proven effectiveness for business, characterized by continuous, dynamic development.

Tailor-made solutions

The MC2 Innovations team designs the most effective, dedicated IT solutions tailored to the needs and character of a given company. Our work is based on a close relationship with the customer in order to satisfy his needs as accurately as possible.